The Wickwire House
The Wickwire House circa 1890

A Little House History

Henry Hamm Wickwire builds his dream home

The Wickwire family had returned to Nova Scotia from Connecticut in the late 1800's. The three Wickwire brothers each built homes in the Annapolis Valley area. Two in Kentville and the remaining house in Wolfville. Our house, built by Henry Hamm Wickwire, is located right on Main Street and enjoys a large frontage with large oak and maple trees and landscaped gardens. The second Wickwire House built across the street, also enjoys a large frontage. These two houses were the largest houses to be built in Kentville at the time, and together, sitting on top of the hill, they certainly made a statement. For many local residents, the crest of the hill is still known as Wickwire hill.

With business interests in both ship building and transportation, these houses were constructed with the finest materials available. The principle framing and support structures were built with Teak wood. An excellent choice given the climate as Teak naturally repels rot and moisture due to its high, natural oil content. The interior of the house was designed and constructed using typical yet grand methods of the period. Lathe and plaster walls, hardwood floors, wall and ceiling wood veneers and brick have been used extensively throughout the house.

Over the years the house has experienced its share of modifications, renovations and modernizations by respective owners. Each in their own way, have added to the splendour, detail and comfort that we know you will enjoy.

These restorations have been true to the 1890’s Victorian era, and much detail has been spent in re-creating the grand ambiance of this stately home. In addition, the furnishings, fixtures and artwork throughout the home help capture the eclecticism and excitement of the period.

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